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Rescue Award Dinner
and Fashion Show 


Join us as we celebrate the at our annual Rescue awards gala. This year we will be honoring those in rescue and Women of the North Fork dedicated to animal welfare. Date and Venue TBA.
Nomination forms can be emailed to
Deadline for nominations is on May 15, 2024.

Every year, the North Fork Country Kids come together to celebrate Women dedicated to a host of different missions and businesses in and around the North Fork.  The Award Dinner concepts came to us after an amazing woman serendipitously came into our lives. Her name was Myra Gordon. As a fellow rescuer and trapper from Suffolk County, she gave up her city digs and fast-paced lifestyle for a simpler one.

She was an incredibly intelligent woman who travelled and studied finance during a time that discriminated against women and their rights. Myra spoke 5 languages. She was famous in her neighbor for her looks and smarts. Everyone knew she would be a success. As a young woman, she worked on Wall Street. However, the fast-paced lifestyle was not what she envisioned for herself. She wanted quiet.

Myra soon moved to Suffolk County to have a much more peaceful life. It was on Long Island that she found her true love and passion, rescuing cats and dogs. One of our volunteers and the rescue had been contacted by one of Myra's friends to help her with some cats on her property. We of course were happy to do so. Myra had trapped a lovely white cat we affectionately called Aspen. She also needed help placing him with a family and help with other cats that were friendly. Aspen was adopted by one of our friends a few weeks later. The other cats were placed and or TNR'd. Shortly after, we received a call. Myra had died in her sleep at her home. We were so sad to hear our friend had left her earthly body. She was a true angel on earth for so many animals. Her family contacted us and wanted to help us in Myra's name. We met for lunch and discussed our Award Dinner idea. The family was thrilled. We wanted to keep Myra's memories and good deeds alive by recognizing other rescuers and individuals in the rescue world. It was at this luncheon, we also learned from her family, that Myra kept a plethora of notebooks logging hundreds of rescues she helped with. 

There are so many Myra's out there. Whether they are out volunteering their time, building a small business or working hard to advocate for others, The North Fork Country's Kids, together with the Rescue Vixens, want to celebrate their work. Nominate your favorite Mermaid by filling out the nomination forms to get the word out.

This year, we lost another dear friend and volunteer to the rescue, Helen Rosenblum. Helen was our worrier and helped us with so many things regarding paperwork and legal documents. She was incredible. A fixture on the North Fork and on Shelter Island, her fortitude for animals in needs was seen daily. The rescue helped Helen trap several cats on property she had and soon we began our wonderful friendship. This year we will add an award in Helen's honor. Both Myra and Helen have had a lasting impression on The Country Kids and their work and dedication will not be forgotten. 

For Tickets to our up coming dinner, please contact us

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