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Welcome to your Classroom, Power Agent! 

So, what do you want to tackle today? We all know the saying “working ON your business vs working IN your business”. You can think of the sections in your Classroom that way.    

My Personal Coaching & Training Materials


Here you’ll find all the Power Agent training tools that are for YOU ... and improving your skills as an agent. This includes your checklists, time management tips, dialogues etc blah blah

If you want to dive in to improving your own skills as an agent, you should head to the Personal Coaching & Training section.  

 If you're looking for something like a flyer, postcard or letter to send out to clients, head to the Branding & Marketing center.


My Branding & Marketing Resources

Here you'll find ways to reach out to your farm, clients, and customers.  There's hundreds of pieces we’ve created just for you. This includes beautiful visual pieces like flyers, social media shareables and e-guides for buyers and sellers, as well as letters and/or email templates you can customize.

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