Bob Ross, Cumulus, Nimbus and Stratus

This special group of kittens is named after Bob Ross and his "happy little clouds". They came to us after being found in a yard, all with severe upper respiratory infections and conjunctivitis. They are now very happy and healthy little kittens, but unfortunately some of their eyes weren't able to heal fully.
Bob Ross and Nimbus may need to have their 'missing' eyes removed. Cumulus is pretty much blind, but should keep both eyes. Stratus will also be somewhat vision impaired. None of this stops them from getting around and playing just like any other kitten. 
These guys need loving homes and will be adopted out as pairs. Nimbus is the female tortoiseshell and is closely bonded with her big brother, Bob Ross (the brown tabby). Cumulus is the petite gray tabby female and she will stay with her big brother Stratus (the gray tuxedo).
They are just the sweetest group of kittens! Please consider adding them to your family and giving them the forever home they truly deserve! Click HERE to fill out our application!