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Loren, Meryl & Monroe

We often get messages asking if we have any cats that do well with other cats - or that are dog & kid friendly and sometimes  we don't know for sure ... but here are 3 that we know for a fact are! 💗 What's the catch you might ask? They are a bonded trio that must be adopted together!

Consider adopting these three sweethearts and making sure they get to spend their lives together happily and safely. If you aren't able to adopt them, please at least share their story to help them find their forever home.

Click HERE to fill out our application!

We know that adopting a bonded trio can seem intimidating, but we can assure you it's worth it! We know that their perfect forever home is out there somewhere!

Loren, Meryl, and Monroe have not had it easy in their short 7 month lives. From being born inside a wall to being kept as a last resort inside a shed in the summer with fans as the only source of keeping them cool these three have beaten the odds time and time again.

They are extremely bonded and love spending time with one another. They love to spend their day eating, playing, and cuddling. Bringing a bonded trio into your family will ensure you are never lonely, and you would be making a miracle come true.

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