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Betty White Tributes

To make heaven the perfect resting place for loved ones we adore,
God made sure those Pearly Gates contained a kitty and doggy door.

Make a Donation Today in Honor of Your Loved One

Your remembrance of your loved one today will help us continue to be advocates for cats. Your donation will be used to save and improve the lives of hundreds of cats and kittens by changing attitudes and advancing lifesaving policies.


Remembering with love, individuals who loved and honored their pets, to those special cats, and dogs who have left pawprints on your heart. 


Our Remembrance Gallery is a place to remember your much loved ones, and a way to pay a real tribute to them, by helping rescued cats find the homes they need. Therefore, we ask for a small donation to place your tribute here.

Tributes will remain on the Remembrance Gallery for a minimum of one year. Donations made in memory of a loved pet help us to help more cats out at the rescue and into homes across Long Island and New York. We respectfully ask that tributes are kept to within 100 words, thank you.

May Our Memories Be Filled with Paw Prints of Love

"Animals don't lie. Animals don't criticize. If animals have moody days, the handle them better than humans do." - Betty White

In Honor of My Cats:

Sherbet and Graham - "They were my whole heart and my entire world."

Oliver and Noodle - "Mommy loved you very much and thank you for being my friends and loving me unconditionally."

Ringo and Pumpkin -  "Thank you for being such sweet, beautiful, loving boys."

I continue to mourn their losses every day. 

Love, Rachel Golden


In Memory of My Sweet Amelia!

Forever in my heart.

Love, Kerin O'Connor

Screenshot_20200702-232530_Snapchat (1)_edited.jpg

In Memory of Our Best Pal Simon

Love, Lauren and Kevin O'Brien 


In Memory of My Happy Cat, who used to love sitting perfectly still on my chest to the point where I could see my own reflection in his eyes as he lovingly stared at me. We think of you often 


In Memory of Our Sweet Jack, our blue-eyed boy. We didn't get to spend a full year with you, but you will always have a place in our hearts. 


In Memory of Nalani, now you're part of the Serenity of the Skies. Thank you for being a friend.


Love, Melissa Holmes-Stack and family

Happy pumpkins.jpg
Jack with name.jpg
Nalani collage.jpg

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