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Raise a Pint for a Paw-Brewery/Winery/Foodie Cat adoption Crawl

Raise a Pint for Paws - it’s the North Fork Country Kids and Rescue Vixen’s Brewery/Winery Cat Crawl. We will be hosting 15 events across the North Fork at our local breweries and Wineries. Come meet Santa, take pictures, meet the Rescue Vixens, be part of some fun art and hands-on-activities, become a member of our Brew for a Paw club and of course meet our adoptable cats! Our first event will be in December 11, 2021 at Twin Fork Brew co in Riverhead. Our Second crawl will be at the Moriches Field Brew Co. and sooo many more.

By becoming a member of our Brewery/Winery Cat Crawl you will receive a box of swag after the fourth crawl and receive updates on all of our favorites breweries and wineries in our home town the North Fork! Special t-shirts and hoodies are available for each event and will feature the brewery or winery sponsor.


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