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Winter Worry Whiskers

When winter weather arrives, the majority of feral cat colony caregivers spend countless hours worrying about their furry friends that live their lives outdoors. Through no fault of their own, feral cats are met with constant fear and illnesses that could be prevented if they were one of the lucky ones. Alas, colony caregivers are the unsung heroes that feed, water, maintain these animals to the best of their abilities. Also, ensuring that each cat has been trapped, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated is pivotal when taking on a feral cat colony. During the Winter months in the North East, Long Island can be a brutal place during the rain and snows of the colder months. Colony caregivers take time shoveling paths through snow, put up covered feeding stations for dry nourishment, replace straw in houses and drop off food and water twice a day to help the colonies thrive. Feral cat colonies need us. If you or someone you know would like to help care for and maintain a colony, please let us know. It is very rewarding. However, keep in mind that once you get involved, you must remain dedicated to the cause. Keeping a clear environment is important too. Bowls and housing must be discreet and clean. Feral cats are always met with derision and hate because so many individuals are uneducated. Please help us advocate and be a voice for community cats everywhere.


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